Hair transplantation is the only one scientific medical method that represents satisfied results in both men and women. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the method used in hair transplantation.  FUE has become the most preferred technique in hair transplant surgery. In this FUE technique; hair grafts are taken circle cuts with 1 mm and smaller diameter equipments (motorised punch, manuel punch) on the scalp with hair. In FUE technique hair grafts are taken indivudially without doing linear cuts. FUE  is the most preferred hair transplant surgery technique because of advantages and convenience. In addition to advantages it has also disadvantages

The most important advantage of FUE is the high speed and to reach high number of grafts. For example; 1500-2000 grafts are taken at 1,5 hour for patients who has enough donor area with experienced doctor. It does not live a line mark on the operation area. Because small and circular touch is done on a big area and this prevents to live visible mark. With this advantage it is a choise for indivudials who use short hair. Using another part of body like beard, chest, leg as donor area easily is another advantage. By this way a lot of roots are getting and dense transplantation can be done on the working area.  With the mostly used other technique FUT can not reach some areas but with FUE grafts can be taken from this areas. Also it is useful for indivudial who has keloid risk. Another advantage in FUE technique is not to use suture. After the operation small scar appears but this scar heal spontaneously without using suture or bandage. There is no pain on the donor area after taking the grafts. It provides flexibility to fix bad hair transplantation. Because of this special features FUE technique usage is increased and become important for indivudials who want to make hair transplantation. Every day new working types and innovations occured in FUE technique. It is simply to resolve this problem with healthy, safety methods. To prevent hair loss and search solutions was impossible with the technology in the past but today hair transplantation techniques are safety, healthy and exact way to prevent hair loss.